Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 39, 24 Aug 2021

What does it really mean to keep your skills up as a therapist? This quote is a useful reminder that we are striving not just to do what we do well, but also to continue to add skills to our toolbox. And there are few resources here to help you with both kinds of skill aqcuisition - what will you learn this week?


Recommended video πŸŽ§

WHAT IS A CT SCAN and why do we need it Clear and quick summary to get your head round this common imaging technique. Watching time: 4 minutes


Resources you will love 😍

A safety-first approach to Long Covid assessment With practical assessment and screening information. Est reading time: 4 minutes


Research to make you think πŸ€”

Is Clinical Simulation an Effective Educational Tool For Clinicians Who Treat Back Pain? Review this recent study, and discover its limitations via Physiospot. Est. reading time: 4 minutes


Blogpost you can use πŸ‘

Get Your Kids Physically Ready for Back to School after Nearly a Year of Remote Learning Full of ideas for engaging children in physical activities. Est reading time: 10 minutes


Twitter feed to make you giggle (but also really useful) 🀣 
Great physio podcasts, brilliant presenters or knowledge How to select a good physio podcast? What about how much you like the giggles?! Est. reading time: 1 minute

Never stop learning!
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