Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 28, 8 June 2021

What do you think of this quote? Are you consciously trying to change your life? We'd love to hear from you if you're making a leap to change things for the better. And if that change is about Physiotherapy then don't miss this week's Top Tips to help you on the way!


Research to make you think πŸ€” 
Infrared Emitting Clothing for Sports Performance. Fad or Legit? Find out in this research summary. Est. reading time 4 minutes


Video content you will love 😍

Femoral triangle anatomy: mnemonic - Kenhub. Anatomy snippet in less than a minute - what's not to love? Watching time: 1 minute


Infographic you need to see πŸ‘€

Assessing Vascular Function in Patients With Neck Pain, Headache, and/or Orofacial Pain: Part of the Job Description of All Physical Therapists with explanatory video too - a must see


Resources you can use πŸ“š

Five facts about … osteoarthritis with all the evidence and a brilliant infographic. Est reading time: 5 minutes


In the news, mindblowing stuff πŸ€―

Using Just His Thoughts, Paralyzed Man Texts at a Record-Breaking 16 Words a Minute read about how neuroscientists are changing lives. Est reading time: 4 minutes



Not forgetting the most-read article from last week - A beginners guide to musculoskeletal MRI
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