Understanding Rehabilitation as a Health Strategy Course has launched!

Course 1: Introduction to Rehabilitation


Today the long-awaited Physiopedia MOOC 2021 launches in a collaboration between Physiopedia and the USAID funded Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) team. There are 4 courses in total and we recommend that you tackle one course per week to allow you to focus on the content alongside learners from all over the globe!


This week as you complete the first course: Introduction to Rehabilitation, you will gain an understanding of the theory, benefits and global need for rehabilitation services.

Start Course 1: Introduction to Rehabilitation


Course 1 details: Introduction to Rehabilitation 



To provide foundational knowledge of rehabilitation, so that you can understand it as a health strategy.


- Introduction
- What is Rehabilitation
- Models of Disability and Functioning
- Global Needs for Rehabilitation
- Benefits of Rehabilitation


Hours of Learning

Around 4-4.5 hours learning on your own schedule


Learning outcomes
- explain what is meant by the term rehabilitation
- describe conceptual models related to rehabilitation based on a case study
- discuss the demographic trends triggering the growing need for rehabilitation
- describe five benefits of rehabilitation


Having problems? Please check the course FAQ document


We understand that you may have questions about getting started with this first course, and you aren't the only one! To help with this we have created a comprehensive FAQ document for the MOOC. Please check this in the first instance if you have any queries regarding the course. Most questions will be answered on this page.


Click here to read the FAQs

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