Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 4, 22 December 2020

Do you feel confident responding with psychological first aid? We found lots of useful take away messages in the Stronger Together resources below, designed to support those after a crisis situation - we hope you find them useful too, along with our other top tips this week.


Resources we think you'll love 😍
Stronger Together 2020 An initiative from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) about positive coping strategies after a crisis.

An email you will learn from πŸ€“

How bad are the dermatomes? Issue of The Sciatica Newsletter, with complex research and ideas distilled into clinically useful musings by Tom Jesson.
Recommended listeningπŸ‘‚
Why does movement and exercise work? with Ann Gates. All things exercise and health promotion discussed in this interview with a real expert on the topic.
Research to make you think πŸ€”
Exercise for Muscular Dystrophy | Apply Caution If you work with patients with muscular dystrophy you need to read this.
And finally...something festive πŸŽ„
A Christmas Ad for Phyiotherapists? Looks like it was made for us - something to remind us all of the value of functional rehab and patient-centred goals.


That's it for this week, but we will be back next Tuesday with more top tips.
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