Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 46, 12 Oct 2021

I don't think many of us would disagree with the benefits of being kind, but this definition brought to mind our interactions with our patients - loaning them our strength whilst they build up their own seems a good way to think about what we do each day. 



Research to make you think πŸ€“

Home Based Exercise Reduces Pain Intensity and Improves Movement Limitations in Non-specific Low Back Pain - find out what this study does (and doesn't) show. Est. reading time: 3 minutes


Infographic you will love πŸ˜

Multidisciplinary, biopsychosocial factors contributing to return to running and running related stress urinary incontinence in postpartum women with evidence-informed key messages. 


Blogpost you will learn from πŸ€“

‘No evidence of effect’ versus ‘evidence of no effect’: how do they differ? Informative blog that will help you to better evaluate scientific evidence. Est. reading time: 6 minutes


Video you can use πŸ“Ή

Why you don’t need to activate your glutes (or any other muscle) with plenty to ponder and use with your patients. Listening time: 12 minutes


Rehabilitation in the news πŸ“° 
Fixing lives and limbs through decades of war in Afghanistan a story of hope amidst conflict that's well worth a read. Est. reading time: 7 minutes



Not forgetting the most-read article from last week - PSYCHOLOGY MEGATHREAD
What will you learn today?
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