Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 47, 19 Oct 2021

This quote popped up in the last top tip below. As with any advice, how relevant it is will always be personal, but keeping things simple seems to be a theme that keeps cropping up not just in life but in rehabilitation. Here are 5 simple things that might just improve life for you or your patients this weekπŸ‘‡



Resources you can use πŸ“š

The Menopause: A series exploring its impact on women’s work and relationships, and potential treatments with patient-friendly information you can share


Research to make you think πŸ€“

Is Physiotherapy Education Moving Towards a Digital Learning Design? (Digital Learning is More Effective) - read about the significant results of this study. Est. reading time: 4 minutes


Project to follow πŸ‘€

Let’s talk about strength. With tips on how to promote strengthening activities from people with long-term conditions. Est. reading time: 4 minutes


Webinar you can learn from πŸ€“

Thriving as a physio in a pandemic Free webinar this Saturday 23 October from World Physiotherapy


Twitter thread to ponder πŸ§΅ 
How to build a great life (17 things I’ve learned) Take a few minutes to pause and reflect over this one. Est. reading time: 3 minutes



How will you improve a life today?
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