Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 55, 14 Dec 2021


The message of informing not persading might not be one we traditionally think of as clinicians, but the 5th top tip below about communicating evidence gives plenty to think about how we might benefit from evolving our communication style. Enjoy Top Tips Tuesday this week.



Recommended podcast πŸŽ§

Osteoarthritis 101 with Surgeon, Prof.Stefan Lohmander with show notes and useful additional resources. Listening time: 58 minutes


Research to make you think πŸ€”

How Effective Are Phantom Exercises for Amputees? Quick summary of the latest research. Est. reading time: 4 minutes


Resources you can learn from πŸ€“

Beyond Pain: An Evidence-Based and Multilingual Biopsychosocial Pain Science Training and Treatment Manual with training resources in English, Kurdish Sorani, and Arabic with supporting slides.


Infographic you will love πŸ˜

Ever-changing world of delivery of falls prevention programmes - shortcuts, misunderstandings, widening reach - worth a look for anyone working in falls prevention


In the news, tips you can use πŸ‘ 
Five rules for evidence communication with ideas for improving written communication of research. Est. reading time: 11 minutes



How will you be informed this week?
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