Understanding Rehabilitation as a Health Strategy MOOC

Course 3: Rehabilitation Infrastructure and the Rehabilitation Team


We are now half way through our guided Physiopedia MOOC 2021, with the majority of participants now having completed the first 2 courses (if you haven't yet don't worry, read on below for details of the course availability). This week it is time to tackle Rehabilitation Infrastructure and the Rehabilitation Team - it's another great topic and we look forward to seeing you in the discussion forums!


This week, once you have completed the third course: Rehabilitation Infrastructure and the Rehabilitation Team, you will clearly understand the different types of rehabilitation services and how they function.

Course 3: Rehabilitation Infrastructure & the Rehabilitation Team


Course 3 details: Rehabilitation Infrastructure and the Rehabilitation Team



To understand the different types of rehabilitation services, recognising how they are structured and function differently both in terms of teams, phases, settings and range of services provided.


The Rehabilitation Team
- Levels of Care
- Rehabilitation Phases and Settings
- Rehabilitation Contexts
- Adapting Rehabilitation Service


Hours of Learning

Around 4-4.5 hours learning on your own schedule


Learning outcomes
describe the scope of rehabilitation in a health system
- explain the role of the interdisciplinary team in rehabilitation services
- describe the roles of five common team members within the rehabilitation team
- describe the actions rehabilitation providers can take to manage and improve services
- discuss the general impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on rehabilitation services


Working at your own pace? There's still time to complete the courses


Whilst many participants of this MOOC are joining us in completing a course each week, we understand that not everyone is able to work to the same schedule. Don't worry! The courses will remain available to complete free and online until 24 October for everyone. After this date only Physioplus members will be able to complete the full programme and refer back to any of the resources at any time in the future (people in low and low-middle income countries can get free Physioplus membership).


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