Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 57, 28 Dec 2021


What do you think? Does perfection come with simplicity? There is certainly something to be said for simplicity in rehabilitation and education - and it's a quote we pulled from the blogpost top tip below, which is all about writing well. Have a read and let us know what you think.



Video you will love  πŸ“Ή

Cranial nerve examination clear and concise demonstration of the technique from the geeky medics. Watching time: 12 minutes


Research to make you think πŸ€”

Is Exercise The Best Treatment for Tendinopathy? What treatment should be used to manage those tricky tendinopathies? Est. reading time: 4 minutes


Recommended resources πŸ“š

DAREBEE, an independent global fitness resource with free donwloadable workout and meal plans


Blogpost you can learn from πŸ€“

Writing (a paper) is full of tips for research disseminataion in journals. Est. reading time: 9 minutes


In the news, tips you can use πŸ‘ 
Strength Training For Older Adults | How To Get Started is a patient-friendly article about resistance training. Est. reading time: 13 minutes



Not forgetting the most-read article from last week - TREK - Translating research evidence and knowledge
What will you simplify this week?
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