Top Tips Tuesday - Issue 33, 13 July 2021

At Physiopedia we see learning as a lifelong goal, and love this quote from Michelangelo. Here is your weekly dose of learning with your Top Tips for the week - let us know what you think!


Recommended podcast 🎧

A Neuro Physio Podcast Professor Coralie English - Stroke, Collaboration and Co-design with inspiration and clinical takeaways. Listening time: 49 minutes


Tool you can use 👍

One Rep Max Calculator Super simple calculator to give you 1RM for any lift


Research to make you think 🤔

Blood Flow Restriction Training Accelerates Fatigue and Increases Risk of Rhabdomyolysis at High Load with key summary points. Est. reading time: 6 minutes


In the news, worth a read 📰

Sufferers of chronic pain have long been told it’s all in their head. We now know that’s wrong The first article in a series on chronic pain and long Covid. Est reading time: 16 minutes


Twitter post you'll love 😍 
This is a really cool illustration of wound healing Worth 11 seconds of your time! Watching time: 11 seconds


Not forgetting the most-read article from last week - World Physiotherapy response to COVID-19 Briefing paper
What will you learn today?
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